Turn the World UN Blue ~UN 70th Anniversary~

Saturday, 24th of October, the world will turn into blue to commemorate our remarkable day; the UN’s 70th anniversary. Over 150 landmarks from more than 50 countries will join the “Turn the World UN Blue” campaign to address UN’s support for peace and to seek for a better tomorrow.


Japan’s 13 landmarks from 10 different cities will participate to join this global campaign. UNIC Tokyo will organize the light up of TOKYO SKYTREE at 17:00-17:30. Come and join us to be part of this historical day!


For more information, visit the UNIC web page!

http://www.unic.or.jp/news_press/info/16158/ (in Japanese)


For information regarding the “Turn the World UN Blue” global campaign:

UN News Center→


Campaign Flyer→