• 1:A commitment to the principles inherent in the United Nations Charter as values that education seeks to promote and help fulfil;
  • 2:A commitment to human rights, among them freedom of inquiry, opinion, and speech;
  • 3:A commitment to educational opportunity for all people regardless of gender, race, religion or ethnicity;
  • 4:A commitment to the opportunity for every interested individual to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for the pursuit of higher education;
  • 5:A commitment to building capacity in higher education systems across the world;
  • 6:A commitment to encouraging global citizenship through education;
  • 7:A commitment to advancing peace and conflict resolution through education;
  • 8:A commitment to addressing issues of poverty through education;
  • 9:A commitment to promoting sustainability through education;
  • 10:A commitment to promoting inter-cultural dialogue and understanding, and the “unlearning” of intolerance, through education.


Activities Report:Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology

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Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology

Principles to be focused on
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Date joined
Nov. 2023
The person in charge
Planning & Finance Division, Management & Planning Office, Tokyo Metropolitan Public University Corporation
Contact address
Official site
1-10-40 Higashiooi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0011, Japan