Introduction of Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology

As a professional graduate school operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Public University Corporation, the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT) provides education with the aim of developing highly skilled professionals who possess the desire and ability to create new value and contribute to the revitalization of industry through the application of specialized knowledge and systematized technical expertise.

1. Three Missions
As a metropolitan university, AIIT is required to perform the following three missions.
(1) Nurture highly professional employees who can contribute to industrial development in Tokyo.
(2) Promote problem-solving research
(3) Function as a think tank for industrial development

2. Academic fields of study
AIIT has established the following three courses of study in order to develop professional, highly specialized personnel who will endeavor to provide innovation in all fields and put the aforementioned three missions into practice.
(1) Business Systems Design Engineering Course (Trains business innovators responsible for creating future value through entrepreneurship, new businesses within companies, business succession, etc.)
(2) Information Systems Architecture Course (Trains information system architects who are advanced IT engineers with the ability to manage the upstream processes of information systems)
(3) Innovation for Design and Engineering Course (Trains monozukuri (production) architects who create value by integrating design, AI, and data science technologies)

3. Addressing to globalization
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, in its efforts to achieve dynamic development through cooperation and solidarity with other Asian cities, has decided to strategically develop and support the human resources who will bear responsibility for building the future of Asia. In light of this, AIIT, which is responsible for the promotion of industry for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government through the “development of highly skilled professionals,” is also working to enhance its educational and research activities by accepting international students, primarily from Asia, and jointly implements Project Based Learning (PBL) programs based on mutual agreement with overseas universities.

AIIT’s PBL programs employ a hands-on educational methodology, and through the process of setting clear project goals and accomplishing tasks, enable students to acquire practical skills, expertise, and competencies that are truly useful in the IT and manufacturing industries.
Now, as international competition continues to intensify, especially in Asia, industries are demanding practical human resources, unfettered by national borders. Based on a demonstration experiment conducted in 2008, AIIT entered into a cooperative agreement with Vietnam National University, Hanoi in 2009, to implement a global PBL program between the two countries using a videoconferencing system, and has verified the effectiveness of the program. Since then, AIIT also implemented global PBL programs with Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Unitec Institute of Technology (New Zealand), the Economic Research Institute of the Office of the Prime Minister of Laos, Kirirom Institute of Technology (Cambodia), the Vietnam-Japan Human Resources Cooperation Center (VJCC), and other institutions.