Membership in the United Nations Academic Impact

1. Membership in the UNAI

On May 24, 2019, the Iwate Prefectural University joined the UN Academic Impact Program.

2. Outline of the Iwate Prefectural University

Iwate Prefectural University reorganized/added Morioka College and Miyako College in the four faculties (Nursing, Social Welfare, Software and Information Science, and Policy Studies), and opened in April 1998 as an advanced educational research center pioneering a new era in the 21st century on the foundation of history, climate, and traditions of Iwate.

After the opening of the school, we have established a graduate school in each of the four faculties to train students to have advanced and specialized knowledge and technology.


3. Foundational philosophy and the basic direction of universities

The philosophy of our university is to create a new era of harmony between nature, science and human beings, and to develop self-directed people with deep intelligence and rich sensibility that help create a humane society.

Based on this philosophy, we have established the following five basic directions for the development of the university.

The Basic Direction of the University

  1. Attaining rich sophistication and cultivating the spirit of respecting humanity
  2. Distinctive education and research focusing on interdisciplinary fields
  3. Practical and pragmatic education and research
  4. Contribution to the local community
  5. Contribution to the international community


4. United Nations Academic Impact initiatives

Based on these foundational philosophies, we are working on the following four out of the ten UNAI principles:

  • Principle 6: A commitment to encouraging global citizenship
  • Principle 8: A commitment to addressing issues of poverty
  • Principle 9: A commitment to promoting sustainability
  • Principle 10: A commitment to promoting inter-cultural dialogue and understanding, and the “unlearning” of intolerance

Through participation in the United Nations Academic Impact, we will further contribute to the globalization of universities and the internationalization of the local community. Also through practical education and research, we will continue to engage in efforts to address poverty and to the realization of a sustainable society.


[Example of an activity for Principle 9] SDGs card game (6/16/2019)