An Introduction to Kobe City University of Foreign Studies

There were 26 student delegates and faculty advisors from Kobe City University of Foreign Studies that participated in the 6th Annual Japan University English Model United Nations (JUEMUN) Conference that was held June 26 to 28, 2015, at Kinki University. JUEMUN is hosted on a rotating basis between Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, Kinki University and Kyoto University of Foreign Studies. This year nearly 300 students from 30 countries and 50 universities participated in JUEMUN 2015. The student delegates discussed topics under the agenda “Fostering a Culture of Peace” for three days in four meetings, passing 20 resolutions. Meeting topics included Women's Equality and Empowerment, Protecting Indigenous Groups and their Cultures, Responding to Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation, Protecting Children in Armed Conflict. Student delegates had an opportunity to interact with UN officials and NGO representatives on their topics. 
Thanks to the International Communication Course (ICC) Model United Nations class where students participate in JUEMUN as part of their study, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies will co-host the NMUN (National Model United Nations) November 20-26, 2016 with the NCCA (National Collegiate Conference Association). This will be the first time for Japan to host an NMUN conference.