Introduction of Okayama University

Okayama University was founded in 1949 as a university, succeeding several higher education and research institutions, including the Medical School of the Okayama domain established during the feudal era. Thus in 2020, the University's Medical Department celebrates its 150th anniversary.

          During its long history, Okayama University has managed to develop on a grand scale, with 11 Faculties, 8 Graduate schools, 3 research centers, a University Hospital and Attached schools. The University enjoys a vast green campus in the heart of Okayama city, where nicknamed as “the Land of Sunshine” from its calm climate. Now in this rich environment we have approximately 20,000 Japanese and international students, faculty, and staff making efforts on research, education, and other activities.

          Since the establishment, the University holds the Mission of "Creating and fostering higher knowledge and wisdom”. We take on the responsibility to constantly build a new knowledge base to ensure the stable and sustainable development of our society. As a center of knowledge open to public, the University is willing to contribute to the development of human society by creating advanced knowledge and passing on of wisdom to younger generations through education, research and community service.

          With such a historic background, Okayama University, under the flag of "Makino Vision: Going beyond, toward a fruitful academic capital” raised by the new President Hirofumi Makino, who assumed the office in April 2017, is setting a strategy to collaborate with and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

          Okayama University already took some actions as below and received a Special Award of the first Japan SDGs Award from the Government of Japan in December 2017.

1.   Symposium and Workshop: How Universities as Members of Society Should be Thinking: Through the UN SDGs (31st August to 1st September 2017, together with the Science Council of Japan Young Academy)

2.   First RCE Thematic Conference: Towards Achieving the SDG (5th to 7th December 2017)

3.   Publishing “Select Cases in Okayama University to Promote SDGs” and identifying eight possible projects (Developing of plants adapting to climate change, Challenging global climate change, Educating students achieving SDGs, Developing the center of education, research and medicine on gender and reproduction, Contributing internationally in medical affairs, Supporting town development, Providing knowledge and solutions to secure energy, Realizing the symbiotic society)

4.   Supporting domestic and international students and developing innovation center through Okayama University Academic Capital Fund

          We are honored and humbled to join the commited partners to support and promote the ten principles of the UN Academic Impact. Through this program, we shall promote initiatives as a university to build partnerships between the local communities and the international community, and to support the steady and sustainable development of the society.