Osaka University of Tourism has enacted the “Charter of Osaka University of Tourism in 2022”.

1. The “Charter of Osaka University of Tourism in 2022” defines the educational philosophy and social mission of the University, focusing on tourism studies as follows:

(1) Three Basic Principles
1) From bondage to freedom
Tourism leads to leisure activities as a free human life activity. The University recognises its development as an indicator of civic personality development and contributes to the realisation of a liberal society free from bondage through tourism development.

2) From isolation to coexistence
In the face of social separations and violent conflicts worldwide, the University will follow the UN message that “Tourism is a Passport to Peace” and contributes to the realisation of peaceful, symbiotic societies free from any isolation and conflicts.

3) From waste to sustainability
The development of tourism is harming natural ecosystems and community cycles. Through the development of environmentally sound tourism, the University aims to realise a sustainable society.

(2) Three social missions
1) Cultivate the ability to enjoy the life and survive in the life
The University is deeply aware of the human development challenges of modern society and supports the development of world citizens equipped with the ability to enjoy tourism and life. Further, the University trains professionals involved in tourism and service businesses and others equipped with the ability to survive in the modern world.

2) Establishment and development of tourism studies
The University will establish a new tourism study to understand globalised tourism in the present age. Based on the above establishment, to elucidate the past and present tourism phenomena and look forward to realising an accessible, sustainable, symbiotic society.

3) Contribution to the local region and society
The University will continue contributing to the local region and society as a university loved by the area and open to the world. The University will work with people from the local region and community and cooperate with the tourism industry and other business sectors.

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UNAI Principles: 3, 9, 10.
SDGs: 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 14, 15.
UNWTO GCET: 1, 3, 7.