Osaka University of Tourism Faculty/Staff/Student Council Meeting was successfully held!

The first meeting of the Osaka University of Tourism 2023 Academic Year Faculty/Staff/Student Council Meeting was held on Tuesday, June 6th.

The Student Council members presented in front of the faculty and staff at the General Assembly of the Student Council Meeting on June 13th. The meeting discussed numerous matters, including the reports from the chief of the Student Council, and the University Festival Executive Committee members. The meeting also reviewed the budget for the student council, clubs, and associations, and the planning for Meiko Festival (university cultural festival).

Many students were participating in the Student Council meeting for the first time, although they were slightly nervous during the explanation process, they were all able to carry out the presentation.

Osaka University of Tourism will continue to ensure participation in university administration based on the trust and expectations of its students.

Translated by: Zili Xue, Office of Center for Tourism Research & Education (CTRE)