“Comprehensive Agreement on Collaboration and Cooperation” was Signed with Osaka Prefectural Hineno High School.

On Friday, September 29, Josai and Osaka Prefectural Hineno High School signed a comprehensive agreement on collaboration and cooperation with the aim of “contributing to the mutual progress of education and research and the development of society through mutual exchange between high schools and universities.

The agreement signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Yoshio Yamamoto, Principal of Osaka Prefectural Hineno High School. From TUAT, President Yamada, Chancellor Yamamoto, Lecturer Tsuji, Administrative Director Kuroda, Deputy Administrative Director Sato, and Deputy Administrative Director Minato attended the ceremony.


At the signing ceremony, President Yamada expressed his expectations for the realization of a “unique collaboration” by saying, “I hope we can share a pleasant and diverse campus life with more students” referring to the university’s “The Power to Enjoy”. He expressed his expectations for the realization of “a collaboration that cannot be achieved anywhere else”.
Principal Yamamoto also expressed his hope that the collaboration will lead to new learning opportunities, saying, “Until now, we have been a close but distant relationship. However, I hope this collaboration shall provide our students a great option for them to develop their future careers as university students, while the number of students who go on to college at our school has been increasing every year.”

[Top: President Ryoji Yamada / Bottom: Principal Yoshio Yamamoto]

The university and high school will cooperate and collaborate in the following four areas

(1) Mutual support and exchange in education and research
(2) Mutual exchange of faculty, students, and staff
(3) Educational use of facilities and equipment
(4) Other matters of collaboration and cooperation agreed upon by both parties.

As a specific collaboration in the future, an exchange with the dance club of Hineno High School is planned.


Translated by: Zili Xue, Office of Center for Tourism Research & Education (CTRE)