Exchange program with international students at Shibashima High School in Osaka

On January 22 (Mon.), 2024, an exchange class with international students was held at Shibashima High School in Osaka.
Shibashima High School, as a comprehensive course high school, offers a “Tourism study” as an elective subject. Osaka University of Tourism has collaborated with the high school from the perspective of year-round tourism education.

In this exchange class session, after a brif introduction, the high school students were divided into groups to interact with the assigned international student. The group with Kim Jae-won (2nd year, student of Tourism study) talking about his part-time job in Kansai International Airport.

At the end of the class, Angi Perdana Rachman Nasution (3rd year, student of International Exchange Study) gave a brief English speech. He cheered the high school students up by saying “Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear”.

Translated by: Zili Xue, Office of Center for Tourism Research & Education (CTRE)