TUT Sustainable Campus and Regional Co-Creation Course 2023

The “TUT (Toyohashi University of Technology) Sustainable Campus and Regional Co-creation Course” was held on November 21, 2023 (Tue) at the Collaboration Area of TUT Library. (Organized by Head Office for SDGs of TUT, and supported by Toyohashi City)

Students from different fields of expertise gathered under the theme of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of TUT and the region to set issues, discuss solutions, and co-create prototype ideas.
Ten students, including four support students, participated in the workshop.

In the co-creation workshop, they were divided into two teams: a mobility team led by the Carbon Neutral Study Group and a wellbeing team led by the Startup Circle, and had lively discussions on university and local issues.
In addition, representatives from the Industry Department and Urban Transportation Division of Toyohashi City Hall also gave their opinions on regional issues.
In the final presentation, each team shared their prototype ideas with the participants.

The students who participated in the workshop said:
“I was able to think concretely about how I can contribute to society in my field of expertise. I was also able to broaden my perspective by listening to the ideas of Toyohashi City Hall staff and my classmates.”
“I hope that this activity, in which TUT students can fully demonstrate their talents as ‘experts,’ will continue and develop in the future.”

The ideas generated in this course will be brushed up in the future, mainly by the participating students.