Sharing 3.11 Experiences with International Students – Lecture meeting by TUT Student who experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake

On December 15, 2023, a disaster experience lecture by students who experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake was held at the TUT Global House, Toyohashi University of Technology.
This lecture meeting was planned by students who experienced the earthquake to tell international students who have never experienced an earthquake what they should do when an actual earthquake occurs.

The lecture meeting began with a talk on the special characteristics of earthquakes and the disasters they cause. Next TUT students who had experienced the earthquake talked about the damage they actually suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake, the subsequent tsunami damage, and their lives until reconstruction.
The international students who attended listened attentively as they described how their cars were swept away by the tsunami, how they were unable to see their families, and how they struggled for days to restore the infrastructure.

One of the international students who attended it said, “I learned the importance of being prepared. I knew that there are earthquakes in Japan, but I did not know how to prepare for them. I am going to start stockpiling water and other supplies today. ”
A student who organized the event said, “Try holding a lecture meeting, I realized that everyone’s preparedness for earthquakes was not enough at all. I wanted to convey the message that since those who have experienced earthquakes are so well prepared, everyone else actually needs to be that much more prepared. I hope this event will help raise everyone’s awareness of disaster preparedness.”240112report-1