International students from our university conducted a remote class on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at Toyohashi Higashi High school.

Currently, one of the issues in Japan is how to provide high school students with opportunities to communicate in English. On the other hand, quality education (SDG Goal 4) is an urgent issue in the ASEAN and African regions. In this program, local teachers from Asia and Africa who are studying in the P.h.D courses at our university had educational training in Japanese high school. This year, due to the COVID-19, the educational training was conducted remotely. They introduced their home countries and showed videos they made to explain developmental challenges in their home countries related to SDGs.The high school students watched the videos and worked in groups to find solutions.

After receiving feedback from our international students on the solutions they came up with, the high school students gave poster presentations in English at their high school.








High school students presenting solutions in English









High school students watching video content