2022 Environment and Human Science Forum

The Graduate of Human Science and Environment organises an annual forum for students to present their results from daily research and activities.

Since last year, due to COVID-19, videos have been released online for a limited period and few selected presentations have been screened on campus. In addition to the previous year’s format, this year a poster exhibition was also held on campus.

Starting this year, an “SDGs Award” was given to presentations which could potentially contribute to accomplishing a sustainable future.

The winners of the award were as follows:

  • City Planning Seminar (Seminar of Naotaka Ota) Nao Maeda, Organization the current situation of Green Infrastructure and Rain Garden and verification of maintenance location of Rain Garden in Kyoto
  • Student Association “SOGI iro”, Is talking about sexualities taboo? Practice of “SOGI week” to spread the gender diversity on campus

SDGs Special Prize

  • Team Himeji Nishi Senior High School “simu-heat”, Effect of irrigation pond on heat island effect


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