The 20th Environment and Human Science Forum

“The 20th Environment and Human Science Forum” is an annual presentation event held within the Faculty of Environment and Human Science and the Graduate School of Environment and Human Science.

It is an opportunity for students to present their daily research and practical activities. A wide range of presentations on research and practical activities were made, including local, global, and interdisciplinary fields.


Poster presentations

Approximately 300 students and teachers gathered to examine the poster presentations. The audience listened to the explanations of their choice of interests. Teachers who listened to the presentations offered advice on what they appreciated and what improvements could be made.


There were six representative presentations from individuals and groups, half of the presentations were on research, and the others were on practical activities. The presenters explained their research background, practical activities, existing initiatives, their original methods, and results in front of an audience of over 200 people. After each presentation, a lively Q&A session was held for over ten minutes.

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