Dokkyo University – introduction

   Dokkyo University was established in 1964.  Originating out of the Doitsugaku Kyokai Gakko (German Association School), which was founded in 1883 for the purpose of providing instruction in German language and culture, Dokkyo University has evolved into a well-established institute of higher learning with the aim of providing advanced education in the humanities and in liberal arts.  As 2014 marked its 50th anniversary, Dokkyo University has grown from it humble origins into an institution which has eleven departments within four faculties including the Faculty of Foreign Languages, the Faculty of International Liberal Arts, the Faculty of Economics, and the Faculty of Law, and has three graduate schools.  Located in outskirts of Tokyo in Soka City, its student body of 9000 students enjoys the pleasant atmosphere of a “single campus” where students have the benefit of an all-inclusive campus and of its close proximity to a major urban area.  

   The dreams and aspirations of the university’s founder, Dr. Teiyu Amano, are reflected in the school’s motto: “A university is an institution where character is developed through learning”.  International understanding and cultural advancement has always been the cornerstone of his philosophy on education.  For over 130 years Dokkyo Gakuen has been at the forefront helping students develop individual character and international understanding.  With over 50 partner universities in over 16 countries, Dokkyo University has promoted higher cultural understanding through the mastery of foreign languages.  As it continues to look forward, Dokkyo University will carry on that tradition. 

Dokkyo University

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