The inaugural Hiroshima Dialogue Forum on Peace-Sustainability Nexus successfully held

10-11 August 2019 | Hiroshima University, Japan

Experts and practitioners from Japan and overseas came to Hiroshima University to participate in the two-day interactive and intensive discussion for the inaugural Hiroshima Dialogue Forum on the Sustainability-Peace Nexus in the Context of Global Change.


The objective of the Forum was to engage a diverse community of experts in considering complex interactions at the intersections of sustainability and peace in the context of rapid global changes and global effort to achieve sustainable development goals, especially SDG 16 on “Peace, Justice, and the Strong Institutions.”


The Forum was organized in close collaboration with representatives of the Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan government’s national agencies, regional and local private sector representatives, and international organizations based in Japan, Europe, North America. Participants from Austria, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, India, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, the UK, and the USA engaged in the Forum. They were from academia, government agencies, intergovernmental organizations, international scientific programs, the private sector, and the public sector. The Forum agenda enabled insightful discussions among the participants who collectively distilled a list of priority research themes to be carried out by NERPS and its partners. 


The outcomes of the Forum will be a synthesis of the perspectives of stakeholders from various communities on challenges of the nexus of peace and sustainability. All participants are now members of NERPS.


NERPS will hold the second Hiroshima Dialogue Forum in 2021.