Symposium: Peace Education in Context: An Interdisciplinary Global Look

Date and time December 8 (Sat.) 8:50~16:30
Location ICU Dialogue House, International Conference Room 2F(MAP)
Application process and deadline No Registration Required
Organization Peace Research Institute, International Christian University in collaboration with Research Center for Nuclear Weapons Abolition, Nagasaki University
Contact point The Peace Research Institute (TEL: 0422-33-3187)
Comments Language: English

To the extent that peace education has been understood in numerous ways and across different contexts and continents, no single definition satisfies a clearly defined set of pedagogical principles and approaches. Nonetheless, peace education can be represented as principles and practices of effective learning and teaching in its broadest sense, but also as a process of social change in homes, schools, community contexts and at state levels. As such, drawing on several theories and models in peace education around the world, this event will bring together a group of peace education specialists from Japan, Korea, and Serbia.

As we enter into the collaborative research partnership with Nagasaki University’s Research Center for Nuclear Weapons Abolition, we will be enriching the breadth of PRI’s scope for further research and action. More specifically, this collaboration will provide an opportunity to develop a program of research on peace and disarmament education jointly designed and implemented by both institutes.

The event will be consisted of (1) a panel discussion among Japanese, Korean, and Serbian researchers, (2) small group discussion groups amongst participants, (3) exemplary research presentations, and (4) an integrative discussion. The purpose is twofold: a) to provide a critical review of peace education practices around the world, identifying issues and challenges for promoting peace through education and disarmament, and b) provide a set of policy recommendations for globalizing “peace education models” for further collaboration among academics, researchers, and policy makers.

On Saturday, December 7, another symposium on “Spreading Wings and Waves of Peace: Past, Present, and Future”(language used: Japanese) organized by ICU and Nagasaki University will be held. For details, please click here.