Kansai University Joins United Nations Academic Impact

Kansai University, one of the leading comprehensive universities in Japan, marked its 130th anniversary in 2016. Kansai University is a prestigious private university with 13 undergraduate and 13 graduate programs along with 3 professional graduate schools. There are over 30,000 students enrolled at the university including more than 600 international students.

Kansai University places the three mainstays of "Education","Research"and"Social Contribution"as its core objectives.

At Kansai University, we encourage our students and faculty members to discover and analyze issues encountered in the course of everyday living, and return the fruits of their findings to the wider community through the promotion of education and research.

Our purpose is to nurture talented individuals who are able to play an important role in society, and who can participate at a local and global level with eyes open to the world, and the future.