SDG Initiatives at Kansai Medical University: Health and Well-being for All

November 5, 2022

At Kansai Medical University’s Academic Conference 2022, a joint symposium was held by the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Nursing, and the Faculty of Rehabilitation. Two speakers from each faculty delivered a report on a case study of SDG Goal 3: Health and Well-Being for All.

The Faculty of Medicine reported on exposure of children to environmental tobacco smoke and postpartum hemorrhage; the Faculty of Nursing reported on 0-day/0-month mortality in child abuse and the role of outpatient nursing in chronic illnesses, and the Faculty of Rehabilitation reported on health promotion for the elderly and suicide prevention through occupational therapy.

The panel discussion followed was based on the fundamental spirit of the Alma Ata Declaration, which states that disparities and inequalities in health, a fundamental human right, should not be tolerated. This declaration mainly emphasizes the inequality between developed and developing countries, and the panel discussed how the University, located in Osaka-Hirakata City as a medically advanced region, can have an impact on the SDGs.

As a result, a consensus was reached at the symposium that even in developed countries, we must pay attention to vulnerable groups such as infants, children, pregnant and nursing mothers, people with mental illnesses, and the elderly, and strengthen our activities.