An Introduction to Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies and The United Nations

Dr. Yoshikazu Morita, The Chancellor of Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, is the President of the Kyoto UNESCO Association and Advisor to the Kyoto United Nations Association. He encourages faculty and students to create events which raise awareness of Japan’s peace-building roles in UNESCO and UN responses to global challenges.

Professor Toshiki Kumagai,Vice-President of Kyoto University of Foreign Studies for International Relations,became Chairman of the Kyoto United Nations Association Board of Directors in June 2015. Professor Kumagai has fond memories of his experiences as a Model United Nations student delegate at a conference that marked the opening of the Kyoto International Conference Hall. UN Secretary-General U Thant delivered the Opening Address.

Japan’s 60th Year as a UN Member State – 2016

In 2016 we will host the Japan University Model Nations (JUEMUN) on our campus June 24-26 for 300 students to mark the 60th Anniversary of Japan’s UN Membership. Applications will be accepted from November 1, 2015. The conference will welcome international students who are studying at universities in Japan and students from abroad to join our Japanese host delegates. The conference will be conducted entirely in English to encourage good intercultural communication and to prepare Japanese students to play active roles in MUN conferences in other countries.

JUEMUN aims to follow the principles and practices of the UN4MUN organization which supports conferences that simulate actual UN deliberations.

JUEMUN 2016 will feature a unique Model UN Security Council for approximately 15 International Students and 15 Japanese students. The students will first follow the structure and procedures of the current Security Council and then, they will continue to discuss the same issue in a format that follows a reform proposal for the Security Council. These students will conclude by writing a paper which analyses the two different experiences.

The UN’s 70th Anniversary – 2015

The Department of Global Affairs held a series of “Better World” events to raise awareness of the United Nations roles in peace-building and peace-building from May 22 to July 29, 2015. The “Better World” events featured guest speakers which motivated students to learn more about UN activities:

United Nation Nations Information Centre Tokyo – Director Kaoru Nemoto – Your United Nations: past, present and future from a Japanese Woman’s perspective

The Founding of the United Nations – Professor Yutaka Sasaki of Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

UNESCO Asia Pacific – Learning to Live Together – Dr Sue Vize, Social Sciences Advisor for UNESCO Asia Pacific – a video conference

Law, Religion and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Professor Frank Ravitch of Michigan State University, College of Law

UN Enable – Empowering People to Live a Full Life in Wheel Chairs – Ms. Feanna Ishii  

The UN and Public Diplomacy – Refugees and MigrantsVisiting Professor Nancy Snow of Keio University

Building Public Speaking Skills for International Careers – Professor Garr Reynolds of Kansai University of Foreign Languages

UN Women – TED Women with Professor Akemi Tomioka and Professor Jay Klaphake of Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

UN Peace-keeping and Peace-building Operations – Michiko Kuroda,Chief of Staff of the UN Peace-keeping Mission in Timor-Keste, Adjunct Professor Mercy College New York

Events led by Student Committees

Kyoto Gaidai x Ideas – Peace-building and Community Engagement – International Student/Japanese Student Collaboration

UNOCHA – Responses to the Nepal Earthquake

Yohei Kobayashi,Chair of the Nepal Baseball Club Laligurans,Yurina Ishihara of the International Society for School Construction, Natsuko Robin Shinozaki,ICG for Education

Food and Agricultural Organization/World Food Programme – Hunger Banquet by the Kyoto Gaidai Table for Two student circle

UNHCR – Discussion and Film Showing OLO –the story of a Tibetan Refugee – Katsuya Soda, leader of the NPO P782

The Japan University English Model United Nations Conference 2015 at Kinki University – Building a Culture of Peace – a delegation of 27 Japanese and 16 International students