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 Mie University is the only national university located in Mie Prefecture. The seaside campus overlooking Ise Bay has five faculties of Humanities, Law and Economics, Education, Medicine, Engineering and Bioresources, and also six graduate schools including Graduate School of Regional Innovation Studies.
 Basic ideas, strategies and policies at Mie University include seven principles proposed by UN Academic Impact (principle 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10).
 At Mie University, approximately 50 international students are educated with approximately 1,300 domestic students, and at graduate schools, approximately 170 international students are educated with approximately 480 domestic students. The nationalities for the international students are consisted of about 40 countries and regions.  In particular, all first-grade domestic students at Mie University are requested to learn the international basic studies for inter-cultural dialogue and understanding.
 In order to promote international and regional sustainability, all faculty and staff work in cooperation with each other to achieve the “world-class environmentally advanced university”. Furthermore, for faculty and staff, Mie University is offering seminars related to SDGs as part of faculty and staff development actively.
 The results of our education and research are expected not only to contribute internationally but also to contribute to this region directly.
 Therefore, to be promoted the regional as well as the global collaborations in sustainable development area, extracurricular education system fostering SciLets (scientific local environmental talented stuff) for local community members and students who are expected to be tomorrow’s members of community has been provided.
 By joining UNAI, Mie University will promote our mission, that is “to foster global and regional human resources to be future leaders in the society and conduct multidisciplinary activities based on creative and freewheeling thinking actively”.

Mie University

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