NUT participated in the “Wakuwaku Experience Study” of Mitsuke City in Niigata, SDGs Future City

On Wednesday, August 7, Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) participated in the “Wakuwaku Experience Study”, which was held by Mitsuke City for local elementary school students during the summer vacation period from July to August. This “Wakuwaku Experience Study” is designed to raise interest in various phenomena and to enhance the enjoyment and motivation of students to learn. Mitsuke City was also selected as a “SDGs Future City.” It is a municipality actively engaged in SDGs activities.
About 40 elementary school students participated on the day of the event, and SDGs quiz, Sugoroku, and carom were held under the heading “Let’s play games with university students from Japan and abroad! Experience SDGs games to save the world.” Through the exchange of Japanese and international students with elementary school students, it provided a good opportunity for participants to enjoy and deepen their understanding of SDGs.

NUT will continue to actively engage in activities to resolve regional issues that lead to the “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”

Greetings from NUT students

Elementary school students challenging SDGs quiz

Experiencing SDGs games