The HCMUT-NUT Office provided support for the industry-academia human resource development exchange meeting

On Wednesday, April 24, the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT) “New Japanese Language Program,” for which the HCMUT-NUT Office supports student and business exchanges, held an industry-academia human resource development exchange meeting. HCMUT’s “New Japanese Language Program” is a twinning program of the Department of Computer Science at HCMUT and a program for students who are seeking employment in Japanese companies. The program is conducted in cooperation with the HCMUT Office for International Study Programs (OISP) and the HCMUT Twinning Program Committee.

On the day, a delegation from the Niigata Software Industry Council and the Nagaoka Software Industry Council shared information about HCMUT’s educational programs and the initiatives and achievements of Nagaoka University of Technology and partner companies in human resource development through industry-academia collaboration, and discussed future possibilities. The delegation was interested in the efforts to develop highly knowledgeable and skilled personnel who will be able to work in Japanese companies in the future. During lunch, students and companies were able to interact with each other and exchange information about questions and interests that the students had, thus building deeper relationships. Part of the program will be broadcast on Niigata Sogo Television (NST) on Friday, May 31, and is expected to contribute to the further development of educational and economic cooperation between Viet Nam and Japan.

Nagaoka University of Technology will continue its efforts to develop human resources through its overseas offices.

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Internship Students Certificate Awarding Ceremony