NUT President Advisor delivered the speech at the BIZ EXPO2019 lecture meeting “Regional SMEs × SDGs”

On Thursday, September 26, 2019, Professor Dr. Yoshiki Mikami, Advisor to the President, delivered the speech titled “Sustainable Management is Japanese Specialty” at the BIZ EXPO2019 lecture meeting held at the Niigata City Industrial Promotion Center.

BIZ EXPO is the largest trade fair held in the prefecture since 2014 with the aim of providing the latest business trends, new technologies, and various kinds of information in cooperation with Niigata City, local economic organizations, financial institutions, and others.

At the lecture meeting, in addition to NUT as the United Nations Academic Impact SDG9 Hub, Mr. Takashi Matsuki, editor of the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd., founder of the SDG Media Compact, gave a lecture on “Introduction of Cases of Improving Performance Utilizing SDGs.” The lecture was attended by approximately 130 people, from business persons to students who aim to develop new businesses using SDGs and to solve problems.

Also, the lecture was followed by a panel discussion with corporate officials working on SDGs, which provided an active forum for exchanging opinions.
This lecture and panel discussion are expected to accelerate the SDGs efforts of SMEs in Niigata Prefecture.