The 4th STI-Gigaku 2019 was held (2019.11.8-9)

On November 8 and 9, NUT held the 4th International Conference on “Science of Technology Innovation”(4th STI-Gigaku 2019).

STI-Gigaku is an international conference organized by a mostly student team. This conference is held to discuss ways to solve global social issues by disseminating and sharing the results of education and research conducted in collaboration with NUT, KOSEN (College of Technology), companies, and local governments in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In the keynote lecture, Mr. Farukh Amil, the former permanent representative of Pakistan to the UN Geneva gave a speech entitled “The UN and the SDGs”. Following that, Dr. Sébastien Vaucher, Senior Scientist of Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa), Dr. Hirofumi Hara, Associate Professor of Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT), and Dr. Mitsuhiro Murayama, President of Nagaoka University, delivered lectures. There was an active discussion between the audience and the speakers. Four participants who asked excellent questions were awarded the Best Moderator Award.

At the poster sessions, participants presented posters of the activities that lead to the resolution of the SDGs and the results of the collaborative research between KOSEN and NUT. Each poster showed their target number of the SDGs. The presenter made a 90-second oral presentation in English about the outline of the presentation, after that discussed extensively among the participants. Eight Best Poster Award by Sumitomo Riko Company Limited and 27 Best Poster Award were awarded to the outstanding presentations. (See here for the name and affiliation of the winner.)

NUT will continue to hold the International Conference which has ended in great success, and the universities, KOSEN, companies will work together to promote efforts to achieve the SDGs.

Summary of 4th STI-Gigaku 2019

  • Support: National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka City, NaDeC BASE Special
  • Special sponsorship: Sumitomo Riko Company Limited
  • Sponsorship: Knowledge Life Co., Ltd., KASAI Corporation, Mohri Manufacturing, Ltd., Mitsuboshi Kogyo Co., Ltd., Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd., Hokuetsu Corporation, TOA CORPORATION, Takesho Food & Ingredients Inc., and Yamato Protec Corporation

Commemorative photography of keynote speakers

Students explaining posters

Presentation of the Best Poster Award by Sumitomo Riko Company Limited