The 5th STI-Gigaku 2020 was held (2020.10.30-31)

On October 30 – 31, Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) held the “5th International Conference on Science of Technology Innovation 2020” (5th STI-Gigaku 2020).

STI-Gigaku is an international conference mainly organized by the university students, with the purpose of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the final goal. The conference dedicated to bringing together all its respective parties: NUT, KOSEN (National Institute of Technology/College of Technology), universities in Japan and overseas, and companies in order to provide all with opportunities to facilitate the discussion of issues and solutions on global topics by sharing their progress and achievements in education and related research collaboration.

This year marks the fifth time of the conference. In the view of preventing the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the conference was held by both online and on-site for the first time.

The first day kicked off with Keynote Lecture, bringing together five UNAI SDG world hub universities (Goal 9, NUT; Goal 16, De Montfort University; Goal 4, The University of Auckland; Goal 1, Kristu Jayanti College; and Goal 14, The University of Bergen), that they were designated to each hub by the United Nations in 2018. Lively discussion was facilitated during the session, and "Best Moderator Award" were given to one student who played excellent roll in Q&A session conducting lively discussions with the keynote speakers.

In the research presentation, the participants presented own research activities related to achieving the SDGs, including KOSEN and NUT Joint Research, that all were to indicate two targeted SDG goals as main and second. The online and on-site presentation with oral poster session were held separately. Nine of "Best Research Presentation Award by Sumitomo Riko Company Limited” and 19 of "Best Research Presentation Award" were selected. Those recognize and honor outstanding research presentations conducting valuable contribution towards achieving the SDGs, out of 183 research presentations in total. The former was selected only one in each room for honoring the best performance and achievement.

Though it was first time to hold in the new participation way, the conference ended in great success. NUT will continue to hold this annual conference as our endeavor to take up challenging global issues and strive for archiving the SDGs through working together with KOSEN, universities in Japan and overseas, companies, and local communities.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all those who supported and participated in this conference, including those from companies that sponsored and cooperated with us. Thank you so much for generous support and any effort given to 5th STI-Gigaku 2020. We wish all the best and hope to have another opportunity to collaborate in the future.

Overview of 5th STI-Gigaku 2020

・HOST: WISE / STI-Gigaku 2020 Executive Committee

・ORGANAIZER: STI-Gigaku Student Organizing Committee

・SPECIAL PARTNER: Sumitomo Riko Company Limited

・PARTNER: Riken Sekkei Co., Ltd

・SUPPORTER: National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka City, NaDeC BASE

・COLLABORATOR: Dr. Simon Robert Hall (University of Bristol) / Suntory Beverage Service Limited / Nagaoka Tourism Convention Association

・PARTICIPATING COMPANIES: Sumitomo Riko Company Limited / SAKATA Manufacturing Co., Ltd. / Niigata Garbage Corp. / WATANABE SATO CO., LTD / Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. / Medical Corporation Sutokukai / YAMATO PROTEC CORPORATION

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Group photo 1

Group photo 2

President’s opening remarks

Keynote lecture by both online and on-site participation. *Upper right: Dr. Simon Robert Hall (Keynote Speaker & Special MC) Lower: Dr. Amund Maage (keynote speaker) Upper left: Dr. Mami Katsumi UEA

Research presentation

Award ceremony

Group photo: Day 2

The main conference venue