Student SDGs Promoters and Lily&Marry’S collaborated in the “Beach Clean-up” activity(2020.11.7)

On Saturday, November 7, Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) conducted "Beach Clean-up" at the Nodumi Beach in Nagaoka City as part of our activities aimed at disseminating SDGs among the public.

This activity was planned by the suggestion of a Student SDGs promoter, Ms. Jajus Aleksandra (B4, Bioengineering Course). Ms. Ayano Yamada (President of Lily&Marry'S), a Kawaii Rika Project researcher at NUT, sent lecturers to teach us know-how of planning and operation related to Beach Clean-up.

On the day, after Ms. Yamada explained the details of the work, we picked up trash from the beach while separating them into different types of trash, which accords with the local rules for garbage disposal. We collected plastic bottles and plastic products as much as we could see, but it remained issues such as what to do with "Microplastics" which are difficult to collect, and how to collect them efficiently. (Microplastics are defined as plastics less than five millimeters in diameter, formed from the breakdown of large plastics which undergo weathering.)

At the end of the activity, Ms. Yamada said in her closing remarks, "There is a limit to the amount of clean-up work we can do on our own. By transmitting the information of this activity through SNS and other media, we hope that more people will be interested in picking up trash and will not throw away trash. We will continue this activity in the future, and we would like to ask for the cooperation of many people, including members of NUT."
NUT will continue to plan events and seminars related to SDGs, and work in cooperation and collaboration with Lily&Marry'S and local residents toward dissemination and enlightenment SDGs. We ask for your understanding and support of NUT's SDGs activities.

Explanation by Ms. Ayano Yamada

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