NUT faculty members gave a lecture on SDGs at Shibata Commercial Senior High School. (2020.12.15)

On Tuesday, December 15, two faculty members from Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) participated in a SDGs lecture at Shibata Commercial Senior High School and gave a lecture on "SDGs Basics and The Future of SDGs".

In this lecture, Lecturer Yuta Nishiyama, from Department of Information and Management Systems Engineering, explained the basics of the SDGs first, then held a bingo-style SDGs quiz for the students to learn about each goal of SDGs while having fun through the session. Afterwards, Associate Professor Kohei Watabe from Department of Electrical, Electronics and Information Engineering, explained how the Internet contributes to SDGs with the title of "Let's take a peek at what's inside the Internet," and the students visually learned the pathways of the Internet using a smartphone application. Thereafter, Lecturer Nishiyama introduced his research as "Reality about the human body".

This lecture was planned as an introductory lecture on the SDGs for second-year students of information processing course who will be engaged in research activities aimed at solving regional issues from the perspective of social business and the SDGs by utilizing the big data of the Regional Economy and Society Analyzing System in their third year. 41 students and teachers from commercial high schools in Niigata Prefecture were participated.
NUT will keep working actively to promote the SDGs in cooperation with local communities and educational institutions.

Assoc. Prof. Watabe

Lecturer Nishiyama

The SDGs lecture