Nagaoka University of Technology held the appointment ceremony for the 2nd Term Student SDGs Promoters.

The appointment ceremony for the Student SDGs Promoters for the 2021 Academic Year (2nd term) was held on Friday 16th July. Student SDGs Promoters are members of a student organization that promotes awareness of the SDGs both on and off campus, with the aim of encouraging students to develop activities to achieve the SDGs through their free thoughts together with faculty and staff members.

On the day of the event, a face-to-face ceremony was held with COVID-19 prevention measures. A total of 21 students, including 11 international students and 10 Japanese students, ranging from undergraduates to students with full-time jobs, were appointed as Student SDGs Promoters for the second term. 16 students participated in the ceremony, excluding the international students who were unable to come to Japan due to COVID-19.

At the appointment ceremony, President Kamado handed each member a letter of appointment and gave them an orange t-shirt connected SDG 9 (“Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation”), for which the United Nations has appointed us as a hub university, as well as an our original SDG badge.

President Kamado expressed his hope, stating “We have been designated as a hub university for 2 terms in a row, and in this environment wherein initiatives to achieve sustainable society are becoming more and more important, the vigorous activities of students are widely anticipated and I hope that everyone here will promote the SDGs both in and out of school with the perspective of students.”

After the ceremony, the promoters were divided into small groups and exchanged opinions on future SDGs promoter activities, and thus the collaboration between the promoters was further reinforced.
The entire university will continue to cooperate in promoting activities to achieve the SDGs.

The appointment ceremony

Students exchanging opinions

Group photo