Student SDGs Promoters exhibited a booth at the event “SDGs × Niigata – A Gathering to Nurture the Rich Mind”

On Sunday, April 9, BSN Niigata Broadcasting Co., Ltd. held the SDG awareness event “SDGs × Niigata – A Gathering to Nurture the Rich Mind” at Niigata TERRSA. Our student SDGs Promoters exhibited an SDGs booth in the lobby of the event venue.

At the event, participants were given the opportunity to try the SDGs educational games developed at our university.

We received comments from SDGs Promoters including, “Workshops that use SDGs educational materials and games usually target children, so it was refreshing to have the opportunity to explain them to people older than ourselves,” and “In the future, we would like to conduct activities that facilitate the participation not only of children but of the general public as well.”

As the only university appointed by the United Nations as an SDG9 Hub University, we will continue to strive to achieve the SDGs in collaboration with industries and local governments.

Images of the event