United Nations 70th Anniversary Symposium

On Monday, March 16, the United Nations 70th Anniversary Symposium was held under the sponsorship of the Japanese government and United Nations University. As a panelist, HOSHINO Toshiya (Vice president and Professor, Osaka University) attended the symposium at U Thant Hall in the United Nations University Headquarters.
The symposium was held under the theme of "The UN at a Critical Juncture: Looking Toward a Year of Reform and Renovation" with Prime Minister Shinzo ABE and Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon in attendance. Vice president Hoshino took part in the panel discussion in the second part of the symposium and made a proposal on challenges in the UN reform including what role the UN Security Council should play.

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(From left to right) Einsiedel (Director, UNU Centre for Policy Research), Nakayama (Parliamentary Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs), Chaponda (Minister, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of Malawi), Tanaka (Director, JICA), Osotimehin (Director, UNFPA), Hoshino (Vice President, OU)

Photo courtesy of: Christophersen / UNU

Osaka University

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