Introduction of Osaka Electro-Communication University

In 1961, Osaka Electro-Communication University opened an engineering department with the aim of fostering human resources who have acquired practical science skills in the field of cutting-edge electronics, such as electronics and communication engineering.
Currently, we cultivate human resources with knowledge and skills that are useful in society as a “technology university” with five faculties (Faculty of Engineering; Information and Communications Engineering; Medical Welfare Engineering; General Information Studies; Finance and Economics), composed of fifteen departments. In addition, we promote education that emphasizes “practical science” and support the proactive learning of each and every student, and strongly promote various efforts to improve career education and the acquiring of qualifications in all of our fields, including engineering, information, medicine, and gaming.

In terms of Academic Impact, we promote the initiatives on the following principles:

Principle 6: Increase people’s awareness as international citizens
Principle 9: Promote sustainability
Principle10:Promote intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding, and remove intolerance