Osaka University of Tourism Joined Center for Open Innovation in Education (OECD Japan) Joint Research International Co-Creation Project

Osaka University of Tourism cooperates with the “OECD Japan Joint Research International Co-Creation Project” being implemented at Tanabe High School in Wakayama prefecture and dispatches international students to the school.

The “OECD Japan Joint Research International Co-creation Project” is an initiative to conduct empirical research on “curriculum development” and “new evaluation” in the field of education, aiming to “foster the creation of a sustainable society” and “improve well-being rooted in Japanese society”. Tanabe High School in Wakayama Prefecture was selected as a participating high school to pioneer the implementation of the “Well-Being Overflowing School” program, and TUAT will cooperate with the program by dispatching international students.

The results of the program, including an interim report, will later be presented at the Student Teacher Summit to be held at the OECD headquarters in Paris in the winter of 2024.

Four international students from TUAT visited Tanabe High School in Wakayama Prefecture on December 22-23, 2023 to meet with students from the Student International Exchange Committee (SEEKER) and employees of our corporate partner, NOLTY Planners, Inc. (. jp/), a corporate partner of NOLTY Planners, Inc. Toward the realization of a “School Full of Well-being,” we will discuss various hurdles (age, gender, nationality, culture, etc.) that exist in society with high school students and our corporate partners, and pursue specific initiatives to overcome these hurdles.

International students from TUAT will continue to cooperate with the “Japan-OECD Joint Research International Co-Creation Project” and support the efforts of high school students.


Translated by: Zili Xue, Office of Center for Tourism Research & Education (CTRE)