A Practical Guide to the SDGs for UOH students

The Faculty of Environment and Human Science, University of Hyogo aims for “An enriched life and environment for all”. This goal overlaps greatly with the aims of SDGs proposed by the United Nations.

In April, the SDGs Promotion Office published “Practical Guide to the SDGs for UOH students”, hoping that students will learn about the SDGs and put them into practice in their daily lives.

The leaflet contains a number of suggestions and ideas for incorporating SDGs into life on campus. Practical examples are grouped into four categories: “Learning”, “Take Action”, “Engagement” and “Research”.

For example, “Check the fridge before leaving, to avoid food loss occurring’’.

Throwing away food not only wastes resources but also harms the environment. The benefit of checking the fridge before going out is that you won’t end up overspending. Picking products from the front row can prevent food waste due to expiry dates.

When we distributed this leaflet to freshmen who had just enrolled in April, the majority of the students had already practised half of the actions listed. We anticipate them completing all 16 actions outlined during their four years at the university.

Taking action on their own to achieve the SDGs can deepen the understanding of environmental issues and human rights leading to a peaceful society.

See more of the Practical Guide to the SDGs for UOH students” (Japanese)