Introduction of The University of Nagano

The University of Nagano offers a wide range of undergraduate degree programs. The University consists of two faculties and three departments. The Faculty of Global Management Studies has one department, the Department of Global Management Studies, which offers three courses, namely the Global Business Course, the Entrepreneurship Course, and the Public Management Course. The Faculty of Health and Human Development has two departments: the Department of Food and Health Sciences and the Department of Child Development and Education. The University will also start offering graduate programs from 2022 in the Graduate School of Social Innovation and the Graduate School of Health and Nutrition Sciences.

We have “Overseas Program” for all students in the second or third year. This short-term training program will give all the students the opportunity to experience study in their major in a foreign country along with foreign language study. We send our Nagano students (approx. 240) annually to our partner universities world-wide (e.g. UK, US, Europe and APAC). The University also offers medium-term study abroad programs enabling students to earn credits at our partner universities world-wide. Our English programs at our campus are taught by expert instructors from US and Canada. We believe that our University is committed to principles of UNAI, especially to the principle 5 and 10.

The University of Nagano

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