Report: Symposium “Global Collaborations between the two universities in Japan and Mozambique” was held at Ehime University.

Principle 6: A commitment to encouraging global citizenship through education

Principle 9: A commitment to promoting sustainability through education


In February of 2016, Ehime University invited Dr. Francisco Noa, Rector of Lurio University in Mozambique, where we locate our satellite office, and held a symposium “Global Collaborations between the two universities in Japan and Mozambique”. About 50 people including university faculty, staff, students and local citizens participated in this event.

The symposium started with an overview of the previous exchange activities between Ehime and Lurio Universities and moved on to the topic on how regional collaborations on a university level can contribute to the future of Africa, which has been achieving rapid growth.

Lecture by Dr. Francisco Noa

In Dr. Noa’s speech, he placed emphasis on the role the university needs to play in the developing country and mentioned his hope of expanding a range of exchange activities between Japan and Mozambique. Moreover, four teaching staff members from Lurio University, all of whom are studying at Ehime University to get a degree, reported their research results, saying “I would like to bring technical know-how in recycling I have learned in Japan back to my country and contribute to our community.”


Lurio University, located in Northern Mozambique, where poverty has been a crucial issue, plays a significant role in tackling social problems. It is urgently necessary for the university to improve its faculty and staff member’s abilities and create a solid infrastructure of the campus. The Mozambique International Exchange Promotion Office of Ehime University will continue to support Mozambique in cooperation with the governmental organizations in both countries and strengthen our relationships.

Discussion after the symposium

Inspection Tour to the University Hospital