Report: United Nations University Rector Gives Lecture


Principle 6: A commitment to encouraging global citizenship through education

  Dr. David Malone, the rector of the United Nations University, was on campus on Nov. 19 to give a lecture on ‘The UN Security Council: Is it relevant to a Japanese citizen?’.   He spoke in English for about 30 minutes, explaining the role of the Security Council, touching on the reasons why Japan did not become a permanent member, but noting how trusted and well-respected Japan is internationally.

  After the lecture, the audience divided into small groups to discuss the content and prepare questions for Dr. Malone.  Some of the questions were ‘How can one prepare to work at the UN or some other international organization?’ (Learn English, get a master’s degree and don’t worry too much about what your major is.), ‘Should Japan stop relations with other nations?’ (No, if Japan stopped their international relations it will become a very poor country.) ‘What about global warming and environmental issues?’ (They are very serious issues and, unfortunately, the poorer nations will suffer the most from the wastefulness of the developed countries.)

  The entire session was held in English and a senior of the Faculty of Education, Kohei Jinno, served as the master of ceremonies. About 120 students and people from the local community participated. 

Dr. David Malone

Group Discussion