Introduction of Josai International University

 Based on its founding spirit of “character building through learning,” the Josai University Educational Corporation established the Josai International University with two starting faculties as a sister university of the Josai University in April 1992 at Togane City of Chiba Prefecture. Josai International University prides itself with the educational philosophy of “commitment to forming the characters of young people with dreams and noble visions of working for the benefit of both local and international communities.”
 Currently Josai International University is located in three campuses with the main Togane Campus and Awa Campus located in Chiba Prefecture and Kioicho Campus in Tokyo where it houses the following eight faculties of Management and Information Studies; International Humanities; Social Work Studies; Pharmaceutical Sciences; Media Studies; Tourism; Social and Environmental Studies; and Nursing together with the following six graduate schools of Humanities; Management and Information Sciences; Social Work Studies; Business Design; Pharmaceutical Sciences; and International Administration.
 As a comprehensive international university, through its educational and research activities, JIU aims at fostering and nurturing highly skilled professionals who will soar out into the real world and contribute to the development of their regions and the global society at large.

 We appreciate the opportunity granted for our institution to affiliate with the United Nations Academic Impact. We pledge through educational and research activities, we will liaise and build networks with both the United Nations and collaborate with domestic and international higher educational institutions on the following four (4) among the ten (10) principles set forth by the United Nations Academic Impact.

Principle 4: Provide everyone with the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge needed for higher education
Principle 6: Raising People’s Awareness as International Citizens
Principle 9: Promote sustainability
Principle 10: Promote intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding while eliminating intolerance