Promoting Student Participation in MUN Conferences —Encouraging the Next Generation to Commit to Achieving SDGs

Model United Nations (MUN) is an experiential educational activity in which students learn about the UN decision-making process by taking on the roles of ambassadors from different countries and participating in conferences modeled after the proceedings of actual UN conferences. At the conferences, delegates discuss formulating measures to solve global problems such as achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). MUN conferences are carried out around the world to promote understanding among the youth of the mechanisms and role of the UN and international initiatives such as SDGs. University of Kitakyushu professor Sonoko Saito has led efforts in collaboration with teaching staff around the world to encourage students to participate in MUN conferences conducted in English. Our students have been participating in MUN conferences around the globe annually since 2016. At the National Model United Nations conferences held in March 2018 and November 2019 in New York, US and the Federal Republic of Germany respectively, our students received the Honorable Mention Delegation Award.