Introduction of Nihon Fukushi University

Nihon Fukushi University is located in Chita Peninsula, Aichi Prefecture, and was established in 1957 as the first welfare university in Japan.

The university currently has 8faculties,Faculty of Social Welfare, Faculty of Educational Psychology (* Name change 2020.4 ~), Faculty of Sports Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of International Welfare Development, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Healthcare Management(Distance Education), As a “FUKUSHI(* 1) university” consisting of 5 graduate schools, including Graduate School of Social Welfare and the Graduate School of International Social Development (Distance Education).“Truth, Charity and Dedication for the Welfare of All” ,based on our motto we are working to develop human resources who can contribute to the future welfare society.


1)FUKUSHIWell-being for All


As Nihon Fukushi University's philosophy is that in order to solve problems, it is necessary to have the ability to collaborate and share wisdom in local fields, regardless of affiliation or occupation. All departments are involved in "Multidisciplinary Collaborative Education " and "Community Partnership Education". Multidisciplinary Collaborative Education is aimed at developing the ability to collaborate with people in many different occupations as specialists and professionals. By learning while interacting with students with diverse specialties, such as by holding joint classes with other universities with medical departments, students can acquire teamwork, communication skills, and problem-solving skills that are required in actual society. Community Partnership Education nurtures "citizenship" through fostering interest in local communities, recognizing problems, and taking initiative in solving them. With a foundation based on citizenship fostered by Community Partnership Education and Specialization fostered by undergraduate education, the university aim for the acquisition of a broad perspective and "connectedness" through Multidisciplinary Collaborative Education. This initiative, which is implemented under a sustainable framework, involves the cooperation of all teachers, students, and local residents with citizenship, ability to discover, strong initiative and problem solving abilities, basic policies of to develop human resources capable of building a "FUKUSHI SOCIETY" certifying them as "Fukushi Meisters".


Nihon Fukushi University also has established a "Vision for Internationalization" with "Contribution to the globalization of local communities in cooperation with various organizations" "Fostering of human resources who understand multiculturalism and can contribute to the world" and "Educational reforms for the acquiring of international minds and broad perspectives" partnering with schools and organizations for cooperation in research and education around the world.

In a globalized age by actively participating in fieldwork and the World Youth Meeting (International Presentation Event), Undergraduate students of each faculty continuously develop the ability to communicate, view, relate, and sympathize. Furthermore, Japanese Language Education Center was established, which mainly promotes Japanese language and Japanese culture education for foreign students, educational support for students aiming to become Japanese language teachers, and cooperation with the increasingly globalized local community in Japanese language and Japanese culture education.