NUT held the 1st International Symposium on Local Innovative Activation by Food and Energy (ISLife 2017) and Nagashima English Days (2017.8.9-10)

  An international conference on regional revitalization through innovation in food and energy fields, titled "1st International Symposium on Local Innovative Activation by Food and Energy (ISLife 2017)" was held March 17th to 19th, 2017 for 3 days long.

  On January 19th, 2017, a comprehensive collaboration agreement of three institutions, which are Nagashima Town, Nagaoka University of Technology(NUT) and National Institute of Technology (NIT), Kagoshima College, was concluded. This agreement is an approach to proactively promote regional revitalization by combining large number of technical seeds possessed by Nagaoka University of technology and NIT, Kagoshima College onto the rich environment of Nagashima town along focusing on SDGs. A total of 105 KOSEN college students, university students, and academic staff participated in the conference. Many residents of Nagashima town as well as honored guests: Takeshi Kawazoe, mayor of Nagashima Town; Yasuhiro Ozato, House of Representative member; and Tetsuro Nomura, House of Councilors member were invited to the venue. A total of 44 poster presentation was contributed. The support from participants helped to make this conference a great success and given opportunities for all members to realize the importance of relationship between Science technology and SDGs.

  6 months after above event, children English learning event, Nagashima English Days hosted by Nagashima Town, was held on August 9th to 10th, 2017. 9 students from NUT were participated to interact with Nagashima Town junior high school students. SDGs education matt game created by NUT was introduced to the students for them to be familiar with SDGs first, then students created short movie of Nagashima Town with the theme of SDGs aiming at introducing Nagashima’s rich nature, aquaculture, and agriculture to the people around the world as well as to make the world aware of SDGs.

  As an outcome, the students not only gained knowledge of SDGs but also had opportunities to realize how beautiful their hometown is and increased community-based pride.