NUT is being featured as SDG Hub for Goal 9 on UN official website

Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) was appointed to a United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) Hub for SDG 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure) by the United Nations as an exemplar of an innovative approach to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Only one university in the whole world is appointed as Hub for each of the 17 goals of SDG and NUT is the only appointment from East Asia.

NUT is being featured as the new UNAI hub on the official website of United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI). Accepting the honor and responsibility elected as the UNAI Hub for SDG 9, NUT will lead an effort to make a more sustainable world, including a formulation of the foundation for industry, innovation and infrastructure.

Feature article on NUT – #SDGsinAcademia: SDG Hub for Goal 9
(UNAI official website)

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