Nagaoka University of Technology started the “Iron Rebirth: Study Project”

The “Iron Rebirth/Study Project” has been launched in partnership among our Office for SDGs Promotion, HOKUETSU METAL Co., Ltd., and the NPO Lily&Marry’S (abbreviated as LilyMarry).
This project is intended as an activity to make as many people as possible aware of the recycling of a very familiar material – “iron.”

As part of the project, a factory tour related to steel recycling took place at the Nagaoka Plant at HOKUETSU METAL Co., Ltd. headquarters on Sunday, April 10.
The company melts iron scrap in a facility called an electric furnace and processes it into steel bars for steel-reinforced concrete, etc., and recycles the iron waste, conducting business that is essential to the realization of a resource circulation society.

The factory tour was an eye-opening two hours, experiencing the amount of scrap and the power of the machines, as well as the heat, light, and roar emitted by the electric furnace. The engineers’ explanations were very clear, and they responded to many questions from the tour participants.

By witnessing an iron recycling facility up close and personal, the project members from the Office for SDGs Promotion and LilyMarry were able to realize and share a sense of the importance of recycling. Taking advantage of this tour, we plan to develop experimental device for understanding the iron recycling process, with an eye to using it in science and technology events and visits to elementary and junior high school classes.
We would like to express our sincere thanks to HOKUETSU METAL Co., Ltd. for providing this extended tour.


Plant tour (1)

Plant tour (2)

Plant tour (3)

Group photo after the tour