Nagaoka University of Technology Held an Online “SDG Round-table Talk for Students”

Over four Wednesdays from May 11 to June 1, we held “SDG Round-table Talk for Students” online via Zoom. The talks involved students of different departments, grade, and nationalities, aiming to build momentum within the university toward achieving the SDGs while enhancing communication among students.

The talks on May 11 and May 18 (held in Japanese and English respectively) began with a greeting from Dr. UMEDA Minoru, our Executive Director and Vice-President (in charge of SDGs), followed by an introduction to SDG activities at NUT by University Education Administrator Dr. KATSUMI Mami. This was followed by presentations from our Student SDGs Promoters*, and then group work and brainstorming using Google Jamboard.

The May 25 and June 1 talks, conducted in both English and Japanese, consisted of presentations by the Student SDGs Promoters, followed by discussion on how best to work toward the SDGs as the only UN-appointed SDG 9 hub university in the world, as well as an exchange of opinions on food waste and loss from the perspective of life cycle assessment. On the final day, Dr. OHTA Tomoko, Deputy Director of the Office for SDGs Promotion, shared her expectations that students will work actively toward achieving the SDGs.

We will continue working with students and incorporating their opinions as we strive to achieve the SDGs.

* Presentations by Student SDGs Promoters

・SDGs Promoters’ Activities and My Own Interests Regarding the SDGs [in Japanese]
(Ms. EHIRA Nozomi, fourth year bachelor’s student, Department of Materials Science and Technology)
・What Should Promote SDGs? (Global Environmental Issues) [in English]
(Ms. Shehani Sharadha, second year master’s student, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering)
・Sustainable, Resilient Transportation Systems from the Perspectives of SDG 9 and 11 [in Japanese and English]
(Mr. LDCHN Kalpana, first year master’s student, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Flyer for the SDG Round-table Talk for Students

Student presentations

Group work using Google Jamboard