Attended the 2022 ACUNS Annual Meeting

From 23th to 25th June, the annual meeting 2022 of Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) was held in hybrid format, and Nagaoka University of Technology (UNAI SDG9 Hub university), De Montfort University (UNAI SDG16 Hub university), and University of California, Davis (member of UNAI) were invited as a representative of UNAI member universities.

From our university, Dr. KATSUMI Mami UEA participated in parallel session of the annual meeting “Advancing the SDGs Through Higher Education: The Case of the UN Academic Impact (UNAI)” as an online panelist on 25th June (Sat).

She described distinctive education and research activities of our university centered on SDG9, such as initiatives for building infrastructure using resilient technologies and our unique practical education. In addition, she explained how our university is contributing to the achievement of goals other than SDG 9, such as solving water issues.

Moderator of this session, Mr. Sam Daws commented that it was inspiring to hear about the remarkable SDG efforts of Nagaoka University of Technology.

We will continue to strengthen the partnership with other UNAI members, and will promote activities that contribute to achieving the SDGs as one of the UNAI SDGs hub members.

<Parallel session participants>

  • Mr. Robert Lawrence Skinner (UNAI Chief)
  • Mr. Mark Charlton (De Montfort University, SDG16 hub university)
  • Mr. Omar Hernandez (UNAI Program Manager)
  • Ms. Jolynn M Shoemaker (Director of Global Affairs, University of California, Davis)
  • Dr. KATSUMI Mami (UEA, SDG9 hub university)


  • Mr. Sam Daws (University of Oxford)

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