Our Student SDGs Promoters Presented an Exhibition Booth at “Eco Action in MITSUKE 2023”

At “Eco Action in Mitsuke 2023”, which was held on August 6 (Sun.) at Navel Mitsuke in Mitsuke City, Student SDGs Promoters from Nagaoka University of Technology presented an exhibition booth for educational games about SDGs, as part of their activities aimed at promoting SDGs to the local people.

At this time, Student SDGs Promoters were able to witness children and parents who visited the booth deepen their understanding of the SDGs while having fun through coloring and board games (SDG Carom and SDG Activity game), and this was a significant occasion for all involved.

We will continue to plan various events together with our Student SDGs Promoters, and promote activities to solve SDG issues. Moreover, we will invite many citizens and companies to participate in these events.