September 15-24, 2023 is Global Goals Week.

September 15-24, 2023 is Global Goals Week.
It is a 10-day period to raise awareness and action on the SDGs.
As a UN Academic Impact SDGs Hub University, the University is actively involved in the SDGs.
Recently, TExDI participated in JSTS2023 organized by the Organization of National Colleges of Technology and supported a seminar for technical college and university students to think about the SDGs, and also participated in ISATE2023, an international conference on technology education, where three presentations were made.
In addition, TExDI, a subordinate organization of Office for Gender Equality, held a workshop at the university festival on September 16 and 17, where students experienced crafts incorporating elements of “KAWAII” and introduced their latest research at the Open Lab and Techno Museum.
The event also featured a lecture by Mayor Ryo Inada of Mitsuke City, an SDGs Future City. The University Festival was filled with a lively atmosphere, as it was the first time in a long time that the event was held face-to-face.
On November 6 and 7, there will be lectures hosted by STI-Giguku and on On November 29, a lecture on gender equality will be held with that “LunaLuna” (well-known for its menstrual period management app) as a lecturer by Office for Gender Equality.
With many events in the planning stages, Nagaoka University of Technology will continue to strive to practice engineering and science to achieve the SDGs and walk with the community.