Nagaoka University of Technology Hosted an SDG Education Workshop at the “BSN Kids Project – Kids Festival 2023.”

On Sunday, October 1, a workshop using our SDG educational materials and games was held at the “BSN Kids Project – Kids Festival 2023.”

The workshop was conducted at the request of BSN (Broadcasting System of Niigata Inc.) and aimed to help citizens experience SDGs in a fun and engaging way.

Many people, mainly families, stopped by our booth that day and experienced various contents. The turnout was much larger than expected, and the workshop was a great success.
The craft activity workshop using UV resin, which incorporated elements related to the environment and recycling, such as microplastics collected from the sandy beach and ordinary electronic components, was particularly popular. The workshop helped to enrich perspectives on environmental issues and provided a very meaningful opportunity to think about a sustainable society with the children.

We offer a variety of SDG educational materials and games, including the contents used in this workshop, to help companies, educators, and citizens learn about the SDGs. For more information, please visit our official website below.

SDG educational Game and Materials developed by Nagaoka University of Technology.