“Holding of the Sanjo Chamber of Commerce and Industry x HCMUT Students Exchange Meeting” by the HCMUT-NUT Office

On Wednesday, March 27th, the HCMUT-NUT office, located within Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT) in Viet Nam, hosted an Exchange Meeting between the Sanjo Chamber of Commerce and Industry and HCMUT Students, in collaboration with the Office for International Study Programs (OISP).

During this exchange, 40 students selected from HCMUT’s four faculties (Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Applied Science) were divided into five groups to investigate the features of the products introduced by the Sanjo Chamber of Commerce and Industry and to propose improvements. In addition, ten students who were enrolled in the Japanese language program gave presentations in Japanese to the companies. These students had actually used the products provided by the companies for about three months prior to the exchange meeting; on the day of the exchange meeting, they used this experience to compare their products with similar products on the market and made proposals for functional improvements based on their creative ideas.

Participating companies rated the abilities, knowledge, and teamwork skills of the HCMUT students very highly, with comments such as “I didn’t expect a presentation in Japanese,” “This was a good reference point for our company’s expansion into Viet Nam,” and “We would like to actively hire HCMUT students.”

We plan to continue to promote international industry-academia collaborative exchange activities through the overseas offices developed by Nagaoka University of Technology in cooperation with the Sanjo Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other regional general economic organizations.

Photo of the presentation


Group photo

Group photo